Crystal Therapy Level II

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Booking Training


Heather’s “hands on” style will give you courage and inspire you to seek all that life has to offer. She will teach you techniques that will be immediately applicable to your daily life. When booking online please wait for response email to make sure the date you asked for is available!

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Ongoing Training Dates Throughout 2015 –
Please Contact Us For Next Session Training Date

Pre-Requiste Crystal Therapy – Level I
Course Price $175.00 (tax included)
Course Length 1 Day
Receive Crystal Therapy – Level II Manual, Level II Gemstone Set, Bonus Gem
Appointment For Workshop Registration Fill out On-line Forum above, Call 902.830.4102 or Email

Crystals are semi-precious gemstones and minerals which have many uses; including healing and well-being.
It has been known for centuries that crystals  contain energy which can by very helpful in the balancing process of the mind and spirit as well as aiding in the protection and healing of the body’s physical, mental, and emotional states.

This Level II course reviews the crystals introduced in Level I – The Introductory Gemstone Set – (seven stones relating to the 7 major Chakras) as well as introduces participants to several other crystals  – Level II Gemstone Set – commonly used for more advanced healing purposes.
Learn how to CLEAR, CHARGE, and PROGRAM crystals to assist with a variety of healing.

Crystal Therapy can be used by itself, or in combination with other healing therapies, such as Reiki. It adds to the power of healing and speeds up the entire treatment healing potential.

This course is of interest to healers, health practitioners and manual therapists interested in learning complimentary therapies and interested in increasing skills and techniques to use in conjunction with their existing clinical practices and manual applications. This is as Intermediate/Advanced Class.

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Plenty of classroom time will be provided to students for learning, discussion, integration and continual assessment of building and learning strategies. At home assignments and readings will be encouraged.

Clarity Garden supports everyone interested in applying learned skills for everyday life.


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