Cupping Therapy


Cupping Therapy is quickly becoming “a favourite” at Clarity Garden Wellness Clinic – mostly because this therapy has an incredible speedy way of relieving muscle tension, and stimulating increased blood flow, lymph, and Qi to affected muscle tissue and throughout other areas of the body. This therapy is highly effective in increasing tissue health, and is popular with patients who have dense, tight, taut muscles from repetitive/over use.

Cupping Therapy is an effective remedy commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Muscle tissue is pulled up through suction applied glass, plastic or bamboo cups.

The suction causes a negative pressure and the underlying skin is raised (or sucked) partway into the cup.

Patients usually feel a tight pulling sensation in the area where the cups have been placed. Cups are left in place for approximately 5-15 minutes or can be moved around in a gliding motion.








60 mins Cupping Therapy. $90.00

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Patient usually feel an immediate release of muscle tension and often report having an overall sense of relaxation during the Cupping Therapy process.

Some skin discolouration or bruising can result from treatment – however the distinctive pinkish, red or purple circles where the cups had been placed – usually only lasts a few hours to a maximum of a couple of days following treatment – depending on the condition of the tissue, preexisting dysfunction, or how severely the muscle tissue had been deprived of oxygen and blood supply.

Cupping Therapy is safe and known for its effectiveness with increasing blood circulation and tissue health. Its a great alternative therapy for prevention of injury and rehabilitation post injury.

Patients are recommended to drink plenty of water and take an epsom salts bath following a cupping treatment – as the salts help soothe muscles and the magnesium in the salts help to draw out toxins that have been trapped in the muscle tissue.

To some people, this may sound like an unusual treatment, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll understand why Cupping Therapy is gaining fans everywhere.