Crystal Therapy




Crystal therapy is a form of vibration therapy. It involves the application of crystals or gemstones to facilitate healing. Gemstones are known to house spiritual and healing properties and can be used as healing tools – in a variety of ways.

Each type of stone has its own unique talent. Colors, shapes, and textures all have special meanings. During a crystal therapy session, you can let the therapist chose the stones or intuitively choose which crystals you are attracted to. It can be fun to allow the appropriate healing crystals to find their way to you!

The technique of placing crystals on the receiver’s body for healing is called “laying on of stones”. Typically, stones are placed and aligned with the chakras. It is a powerful method of cleansing negative energy, clearing and balancing the chakras, effecting emotional release, and bringing light and healing the body and transforming negative energy and illness into positive health and well being.
Helps conditions such as:

  1. Stress and anxiety
  2. Circulation problems
  3. Muscle and joint discomfort
  4. Depression
  5. Inflammation
  6. Allergies
  7. Headaches
  8. Emotional problems


Benefits of Crystal Therapy:

  1. Relieves muscle tension
  2. Improves circulation
  3. Normalizes body functions
  4. Combats fatique and low energy




60 mins Crystal therapy. $90.00

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Crystals can be carried or worn on the person, or placed in a location where the healing vibrations can be felt nearby.

Interested in learning more about Crystal Therapy and how to use it for personal health and well-being? Check out Clarity “workshops” for more details.

Crystal therapy can be used in conjunction with a Reiki or Chakra balancing treatment.